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this site is under constant construction so please bear with it i know it's extremely empty as of now. slowly but surely i'll fill it up. i will mostly be using this space to organise parts of my project for easy acess to others.

Crimson night

what is it?

crimson night is a project i created with a close friend, and we've been working on it for more than 2 yeas now. the story is vast and extensive, so even though we're both mainly artists, we've decided to work on it as a trilogy of books. you can find out more at the books page of this website


The story centres around eight main characters in early 1930s Paris, France; as it follows their struggles as they traverse the rocky environment of the time period. Although they share an enemy and a cause for their suffering, they all diverge onto their own path, gain different stances on their issues, and some turn on others for their personal gain. It's a fight for the truth, for peace, and it seems no one, not even the protagonists themselves, truly want to achieve that. In the end, the centre of the conflict implodes leaving the rest to pick up the pieces.

the story is alternate history with elements of fantasy. the summary for each book is much more comprehensive, so reading those is reccommended.